the whole Internet from your private homepage

mymouseclick a new way to access the Internet

mymouseclick is an effective website developed specifically for facilitate navigation on the Internet for both advanced users and those who are getting started.

mymouseclick is your own homepage, your entrance gateway to the Internet.

An effective and customizable free platform where you can add those web pages you use most, and access them with a single click. You can also create groups of pages to organize your Internet and get easy and quick access to your entire navigation.

Unlike complex bookmarks and favourites bars of browsers, with mymouseclick you can organize all your links in folders and subfolders to access in a convenient and simple way to all that information that interests you.

Furthermore, mymouseclick saves all your links in the cloud, so you never lose them if you lose access to your computer (theft, loss, damage). As it is stored in the cloud, you can access through mymouseclick to your personalized homepage from any computer wherever you are.

mymouseclick a new way of surfing and organizing the Internet.


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