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Privacy Policy

mymouseclick protects the privacy of your personal information and the content you store on our website.

Which information collects mymouseclick about me and why?

We collect very little personal information about our users:

•  Your user name, email address, and gender. This allows us to create your account.

•  Passwords you choose in mymouseclick, which are protected by encryption, and only you have access to them.

•  Geographic area where you use your computer as well as the language you select.

•  Links you add to your account. We use this information only to ensure their availability when you enter the page.

•  Type of hardware and software you are using (for example, operating system or browser) and information obtained from cookies (see our Cookies Information page for more details).

Do mymouseclick share my personal information or my content?

mymouseclick does not sell or rent user information and we only release information where the consent of the individual concerned has been given.

How secure is mymouseclick?

Access to mymouseclick is done in a safe environment; therefore the information is transmitted in an encrypted form.

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